Toothpaste tablets: The future of dental hygiene A Path to a Plastic Free Morning
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If you haven’t heard about toothpaste tablets, you are missing a trick! Let’s explore how they can benefit you and the world around us…

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What are toothpaste tablets?

Toothpaste tablets are a relatively new product in the dental hygiene market, but they are growing and it is pretty clear why. They are small tablets that you chew, which then turn into toothpaste in your mouth eliminating the need for water and allowing you to brush your teeth with the perfect amount of toothpaste in your mouth. 

Are they better than normal toothpaste products?

We definitely know so, before we get into the environmental side there are obvious benefits from a convenience standpoint.

Firstly, these tablets are measured out, this means one tablet is the perfect amount of paste needed to brush your teeth. No more squeezing a plastic tube to etch out the last remnants of toothpaste to end or start your day.

So imagine you are going on holiday, you can walk through customs without worrying about your liquids, just take a couple of tablets and you are good to go throughout your time there. 

It also helps children put the perfect amount of pastedown rather than squeezing the tube empty and playing around, the tablets are perfectly safe and so consuming them, whilst not advised, is not harmful.

So, what makes them better apart from convenience?

We are stuck in a plastic pandemic, they are helping us move to a plastic free world!

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Plastic is killing the environment, plastic causes toxic pollutants which damages animals, plants and humans! It destroys ecosystems and not all of the harmful side effects are known! All organisms are affected from small insects to massive blue whales, there is no escaping the dangers plastic presents! These dangers linger as long as the plastic does, as it takes between a few hundred to a few thousand years just to decompose. So it is essential we start to reduce the amount of plastic we are using and creating.

Does toothpaste really use that much plastic?

Let’s do some quick maths, let’s say you use one tube of toothpaste per month as one person. That’s 12 tubes of toothpaste per year, the overwhelming majority of which are plastic and are not recyclable!

These tubes are potentially ending up in the ocean or on landfill sites. Now, with an approximate population of 73 million, it is clear to see this problem needs tackling! Let’s begin to clean up our planet and create a new sustainable world by making the switch to tablets!

Plastic isn’t the only problem toothpaste causes

The world is facing a water crisis, the world wildlife organisation tells us that 1.1 billion people lack access to water and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages.’ This problem is often not mentioned but is growing and unless we act now we could face more and more problems with water. It is estimated that we waste around 4 gallons of water to brush our teeth each time we do so. This means each person could be responsible for 8 gallons of water being wasted each day – simply from brushing our teeth!

Again, these figures show individual action could save up to 2,290 gallons of water per year! Span this across the UK population and we could all save around 213 billion gallons of water! If we all switched to toothpaste tablets this could become a real reality.

Let’s make the switch!

Our Zero Waste Palm Oil Free BubbleBrush Toothpaste Tablets are also Plastic and Gluten Free.

Looking at the facts, toothpaste tablets are more convenient (especially if you have small children who make a mess!). These tablets are safer for the environment, drastically reducing our plastic usage. This means we send less plastic to the ocean and landfill sites, which again means less harmful microplastics end up in our food and water. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough they also help us to reduce our water usage and thus mitigate water shortages!

Why do we care so much?

Here at Bubblebrush, our first goal is to make a difference. Whilst we are mad about all things related to dental hygiene we want to improve more than just your smile! We want to help pass on a better world to our children.

Whilst these products may not solve climate change entirely these small steps make a huge difference. We understand that climate change is a complex issue, often the things necessary to maintain our health means that we are inadvertently contributing to the climate crisis. However, we will help you select products and make lifestyle choices that really have a positive impact on our planet. 

Our aim is to help you choose products that mean your smile isn’t just because your teeth look good, it’s because you are helping to shape a better tomorrow!



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