Kids’ Set of Four Bamboo Toothbrushes


Four kids’ sized moso bamboo toothbrushes with an animal engraving of choice.

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£5.97 or £1.43 every 2 months

BPA-free bristles, fully recyclable and dentally effective bamboo toothbrushes. Replace every two months or once bristles have worn away. Safe, tried, and tested to protect growing gums, enamel, and the planet.  Change your kids’ toothbrush today to a trusted brand that’s used by hundreds of parents and children in the UK. Designed and tested by Dentists for your peace of mind. The smooth, polished, organic bamboo handle is easy to hold and the colourful brush heads make brushing a pleasure. With an eye for quality, we make sure that our bristles are strong enough to clean away the food of the day, whilst still being kind to growing teeth. We are dentists after all! Tried tested and gifted by hundreds of ambassadors, determined to rip the world of plastic. PICK UP THE BUBBLEBRUSH TODAY And inspire the next generation!