From our family,
to yours.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Viral and Hetal Chavda, BubbleBrush make sustainable dental products to help you and your child enjoy a bright smile today and experience a brighter planet tomorrow.


Become part of something extraordinary in a very ordinary way.

Fighting climate destruction sounds like a daunting task for one person. We make it simple for you to play a small yet planet-changing part, by tackling the climate crisis teeth-first. Using one of our sustainable dental products helps you make a difference every day, without any noticeable lifestyle changes.

It’s as easy as brushing your teeth, so, why not try us?


Our People First Policy

Childhood is full of ups and downs, but for some children there are more downs then ups. When you buy from BubbleBrush, you are supporting the Buddy Bag Foundation, helping children escaping domestic abuse by supplying them with amenities to form the base of their new, healthier life.

The profits that we make doesn't just go to a big corporation but are shared amongst the staff as well.

Make a big difference in an everyday way.