Microplastics, a macro problem!
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What are microplastics?

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Microplastics are defined as any piece of plastic smaller than 5 mm in length, however they are often much much smaller. They are often formed as a result of fragments breaking off from plastic products such as: fishing equipment, cosmetic products, water bottles and any other plastic items you can think of, as well of course toothbrushes!

How do they get into our oceans?


If we examine toothpaste – which often contains a type of microplastic called microbeads (tiny pieces of manufactured polyethylene plastic) once it leaves our sinks, they easily pass through our water filtration systems and end up in lakes and oceans. This is a problem for aquatic life, as they consume these microplastics which can harm and kill them. Often, some of the aquatic life is then caught and brought to market where we consume the fish and in turn these microplastics.

What makes them so bad?

Well, not a lot is known about microplastics, we are in the infancy of research regarding the matter but some studies suggest that they pose a significant risk to our health. Whilst there is no definitive answer to the harm they do, as research is still being carried out, early data suggests that they could potentially cause cancer as well as other diseases.

How can we remove them?

Scientists are working on many different ways to remove them including using bacteria to digest these microplastics. However, as they say, prevention is better than cure so if we make the switch to remove plastics from our lives this means less plastic will enter our ecosystem and bodies.

What can we do?

Well, in all areas of our lives we can switch from plastic. Instead of plastic bags, we can use backpacks and other sustainable bags. We can replace plastic water bottles with reusable containers.

We at Bubblebrush are all about helping you make those small switches which will have a massive impact! Switch from your plastic toothbrushes to our Bubblebrush ones to help save the planet from plastic, and yourself from the harmful effects of microplastics. Join us today and together we can change the world!



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