5 ways to be more environmentally friendly while brushing your teeth
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3 min read

When it comes to going green, small changes can contribute towards a large positive impact. Although making simple switches might seem tiny, their accumulative effect should never be underestimated.

Here are five ways you can be a little gentler on the planet, simply in how you brush your teeth!

1. Use a BubbleBrush

Instead of a toothbrush that is made from single-use plastics, make the simple and easy switch to an environmentally friendly toothbrush from BubbleBrush. The easy-to-grip bamboo handle is completely compostable, and the soft bristles are entirely recyclable when you’re done.

Using an environmentally friendly toothbrush made from bamboo is a seamless change that you can make to your daily routine, meaning one less plastic that you’ve used and discarded into the environment.

We also make sure that the bamboo we use is sustainable and renewable, while plastic produces much pollution during its manufacturing methods. This is yet another way in which BubbleBrush can lower your carbon footprint.


2. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

Many people have a bad habit of leaving the tap on while brushing their teeth. However, the amount of water that is wasted in two to three minutes every morning and night is more than you might think!

You only really need water at the start of the teeth brushing process, and at the end to rinse, so remember to turn the tap off when you’re brushing.

3. Swap to eco-friendly toothpaste

Here at BubbleBrush, we don’t just stick to our environmentally friendly toothbrush – we also have eco-friendly toothpaste coming very soon, supplied in tablet form. 

Toothpaste tablets deliver the same oral and dental health benefits as the stuff you get in a tube, except that they can be packaged in recyclable or reusable pots, doing less damage to the environment.

Toothpaste tablets are a toothpaste formula that is pressed into a pill shape. To use our kids tablet toothpaste, pop it in your mouth and chew, or mix with a little water to break it down into a paste, and then brush as normal.

4. Line your bin with compostable bin bags

If you usually floss after brushing, or if you are throwing away your old toothbrushes, don’t just throw your rubbish into any old plastic bag. Compostable bin bags are an easy switch for your bathroom bin, reducing the amount of plastic that you throw away.

5. Switch off lights when not needed

If your bathroom has a window, why do you need to turn the light on to brush your teeth in the morning? Before picking up your environmentally friendly toothbrush, open the bathroom blinds to let in the morning sunshine instead.

And if you do need to turn the light on, remember to turn it off when you’re done. Not only will this help you to be more eco-friendly in your household, but it will also reduce your electricity bill.

Be part of the solution with BubbleBrush

Make the simple change to a BubbleBrush environmentally friendly toothbrush and tablet toothpaste and make a positive impact on the environment today. Why not start with a four-pack of soft bamboo toothbrushes, which will last you for eight months?



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