More than dental hygiene. Why BubbleBrush?
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BubbleBrush are more than just about dental hygiene, they are about promoting a healthy sustainable way of life. Our products are centered around 2 main themes: dental hygiene and sustainability.

What about our products promote dental hygiene more than other toothbrushes?

Firstly, we use soft medium bristles which are gentle to teeth whilst still ensuring they: remove plaque, protect gums and enamel. The bristles are shaped to cover all parts of the teeth so that plaque in difficult-to-reach areas can be removed comfortably. We have taken care to ensure that both adults and children are catered for, as we have made sizes for

How are we sustainable?

Our products create and leave ZERO WASTE. Everything from the packaging to the toothbrush is completely recyclable with the handle also being biodegradable. This means you aren’t just brushing your teeth, you are helping to save the environment. A lot of toothbrushes use BPA (a chemical used in some plastics) which is harmful to us and the planet. This is why we have ensured our products are BPA-free!


The BubbleBrush Movement!

Brushing your teeth is an important part of looking after yourself and maintaining dental hygiene, but it can also be tremendously dangerous to the planet and the sea and landfill sites become polluted with plastic toothbrushes. We saw this ourselves after a trip to Cambodia where a pristine sea was littered with plastics –  killing ocean life and the planet!

Bubble brush is a movement, we are empowering people on a daily basis to take care of their teeth whilst simultaneously empowering them to take care of the planet! Our products are sustainable meaning they won’t pollute our oceans or end up at landfill sites, unlike the 264 million toothbrushes that unfortunately did last year.

One toothbrush at a time, we can all make a difference!

We encourage you to come and join us.

Try your BubbleBrush today!



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