Bamboo: The Secret Weapon in Our Fight Against Climate Change
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5 min read

Bamboo has many benefits that will aid us in our fight against climate change,here at Bubblebrush bamboo is an integral part of our products, find out why in this article!

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Climate change, the fight for our future

Before we get into bamboo, we need to understand why it’s important we tackle climate change. Climate change is often spoken about as a threat to all life on this planet yet it’s not often explained what will happen. So, if we dive into the details of this potential devastation is truly a frightening prospect. We are facing: ice-free arctic summers, extreme heat waves, flooding and countries competing for basic resources like water!

This threat isn’t just in some distant future, we are racing towards climate catastrophe. In recent weeks the world has seen wildfires, tornados and record breaking temperatures that have made parts of the earth uninhabitable without air conditioning. One thing is certain if we continue on this path, we won’t have a world to pass onto our children.

We need to starting acting

The problem is taking action is often overwhelming and unclear, especially when we often don’t have the time!  Sadly many companies create unsustainable products that we need to use for basic necessities. If we can switch from these products this would make a big difference. So, what small steps can we take?

We can start with our waste it’s not just inconvenient, its unsustainable

We need to start by using more sustainable alternatives to products that aren’t biodegradable or recyclable. Let’s reflect on the fact that 264 million pieces of plastic were thrown away in the UK last year. This plastic ended up in our oceans, landfill sites and harming the environment in a magnitude of ways. We are all collectively responsible for this waste, but as they say, when it is out of sight it is out of mind.

BubbleBrush helps you fight plastic waste in a simple everyday way – by changing your plastic toothbrush to a sustainable bamboo toothbrush.

The photo above is just a drop in the ocean (forgive the pun)  of all the waste we chuck away which harms all sorts of animal life! This affects all of us and it is our responsibility to start to make changes to prevent this type of waste! If we began to reduce our use of unsustainable products such as plastic, we could help clear our oceans and prevent unsustainable business practices.

So how do we end this plastic pandemic and climate change?

Bamboo is our secret weapon against climate change

There are an array of sustainable materials we can use to begin to fight back against climate change. We will focus on Bamboo which, as our title suggests, is the secret weapon at our disposal in the fight against climate change.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a plant known for being both strong and light. It grows in both mild and tropical climates and so appears across the world.

What makes bamboo so good for the environment?

There are several elements that make bamboo our secret weapon against climate change. 

Let’s start where bamboo begins, in the ground. Bamboo doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides to grow, unlike many other materials it thrives in most environments with little need for maintenance.  Even against most other natural materials and plants bamboo requires significantly less interventions. This means that we can use less resources and harmful chemicals to be produced and thus is more environmentally friendly and safe. If we compare this to the manufacturing process of plastics where many chemicals are needed to refine and create the materials, we can see that other materials such as plastic are wasteful.

On top of this, Bamboo is biodegradable so when we throw it away it can be broken down naturally meaning there is no waste that damages the environment. From the cradle to the grave Bamboo is safe and clean, it was designed by our environment and so is part of the planet’s lifecycle.

Bamboo helps us to breathe

Now, using Bamboo isn’t just helping our environment by being used. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than the equivalent amount of trees, and so not only does bamboo benefit us as the consumer being more sustainable but it also benefits the world as it absorbs more carbon dioxide, and thus reduces the Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In this way, Bamboo is actually helping the environment merely by being used as a product as more Bamboo means more plants.

It’s time for us all to make a difference!

If we want to leave this world a bit better than we found it, and pass on a real legacy to our children and grandchildren we need to make a change. We began this article by making the following point: taking action is often overwhelming and unclear, especially when we often don’t have the time! However, here at Bubblebrush we have a pledge we hope you can also get behind that will make a difference. It is clear and straightforward: let’s swap out unsustainable products where we can and replace them with products made from materials such as Bamboo. This could be as simple as replacing your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one. That small change could go a long way, we can start to erase those 264 million pieces of plastic waste and begin to heal our oceans and planet, let’s start by replacing our plastic toothbrushes with our Bubblebrush bamboo toothbrushes!



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